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Gamo Extreme CO2

The Gamo Extreme CO2 is the new way of feeling the CO2: innovation, power and action in an exclusive pump action rifle able to shoot 10 pellets in rapid time.

The .22 Caliber Extreme CO2 Air Rifle is powered with an 88 gram long life CO2 cylinder. Equiped with a 10 pellet rotary magazine for semi-auto shooting.

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Gamo PBA pellets

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Includes 200 rds. of TS-22 Ammunition

Due to the heavier weight and dome configuration, this pellet performs with terrific impact, even at long distance shots. Pellet Weight (grain): 21.6 grain

*Note Air gun enthusiasts and hunters should be particular regarding the ammunition
they use for specific applications.


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A wide range of exciting and safe air rifles at an affordable price! Gamo Airguns will make shooting more enjoyable than ever before. With the air gun accessories you can set up safe outdoor shooting ranges with items such as paper targets, cone pellet traps, moving target system,plinking targets, and a knock-down squirrel target. All these affordable and durable airgun products have led to the use of air guns and for safety and training purposes. They offer hours of fun and enjoyment as well as competitive shooting challenges.

It does not matter if you are in your own back yard our at a shooting range, using a shooting target that is both interactive and educational is a imperrative. That is why Gamo provides an extensive variety of airgun shooting targets. Our targets can help you improve your accuracy as well as speed or can be used for some fun backyard plinking. (learn more about airgun targets at Gamo products are suitable for beginner hunting, youth hunting and training. Use your Gamo airrifle or air pistol at family hunting trips, night shooting, pest control, varmint hunting, small game and bird hunting. Gamo air rifle products are enjoyed by both men and women.

Air gun enthusiasts will also appreciate the wide variety of Gamo semi-automatic air pistols, .177 caliber air rifles, and .22 air shot guns that deliver power performance and the penetration needed for hunting your pest control in your garden. For additional airgun products and airgun reviews, please visit

Gamo is a world leader in the manufacturing of top quality performance adult precision air rifles, air guns, bb guns, air CO2 pistols, pellet guns, shooting optics, as well as day and night hunting scopes.

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